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    If You Love Music You're Going To Love This New Card Game

    The ULTIMATE party game for music lovers!

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    If you love your music, you’ll love playing Game That Song.
    Music opens the doors to deeper connections that other card games can’t.


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    Everyone has that favorite song they play at certain times or in particular situations.
    But in Game That Song, the competition is on!
    Get ready to share your songs with friends, family or even coworkers.

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  • FAQs

    Where can I buy Game That Song?

    Game That Song is available for purchase on Amazon for 20 dollars.

    How many people can play Game That Song?

    It’s recommended to have as few as 3 players and as many as 10 (if you are playing with teams). The game just gets longer since you are playing more songs per round.

    How long does it take to learn how to play?

    If you already use your phone to play music over the Internet, then you should understand how to play after the first person takes their turn.

    How do I play Game That Song?

    One player selects a card that describes a scenario where a song would be played. Each player then individually plays different songs to go along with the card. After each song has been played, all players vote for the best song. Another card is then drawn and the game continues. The game is best when there is no gap in the music and songs are played for about a minute.

    What’s the age range?

    Game That Song is meant to be played by individuals 13+ and it's up to you what music you play. One card mentions alcohol, but that's the extent of the "inappropriate" topics.

    What if I don’t know that many songs?

    Usually someone can help you or you can just start searching on your phone. You'd be surprised how quickly you can find a song on each topic!